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For these vases two industrial processes -cyclical rotation molding and immersing- are executed manually to shape concrete, ceramics or plaster, which are traditionally cast via other techniques.

The geometrical forms are created by manual rotation molding in a basic mold. Afterwards, the hardened geometrical model is semi-immersed in the same material however in a liquid state. Through the immersion, the liquid material clings to the already hardened shape, creating a unique solidified cover and a supporting stand.

A PU coating on the inside makes the vases watertight.

Material: concrete, ceramics or plaster with PU coating

Technique: manual rotation molding and immersion

Measurements: variable

Product group: vase

Year: 2010

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Concrete Rotation Dip Vase

Detail Concrete Vase
Foot Concrete Vase

Small Concrete Vase
Concrete Rotation Dip Vases set

Plaster Rotation Dip Vases
Plaster Rotation Dip Vases
Plaster Rotation Dip Vases
Small Ceramic Vase


Ceramic Rotation Dip Vases